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July 31, 2013
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Jerome: *I sat at my computer chair, playing minecraft survival games with Mitch.* Chop him biggums!

Mitch:*kills random player* I did it biggums! *I jumped out of my chair*

Jerome: *I laughed.* Sit down!

Mitch:*Laughs a little, blushing* Ok.. *sits back down*

Jerome: *I giggle as the survival games finally ended. I won.* That was fun! What do you want to do now?

Mitch:*pouts* Congrats on winning, and I don't know..

Jerome: *I giggled.* You're like a five year old! It's adorable! *i blushed after I realized what I had said.*

Mitch:*Blushes* Uhh.. Thanks.. I guess

Jerome: Ahh, biggums, there's.. there's something I want to tell you.. *I said, looking at the floor.*

Mitch: And whats that?

Jerome: I-I, umm... *I couldn't think of how to tell him.*

Mitch: Biggums? you ok? *I asked him, concerned*

Jerome: I-I wanted to t-tell you.. uh, I-I've kinda l-liked you for a w-while now..

Mitch: I've liked you too ^^ well as a friend.. *looks down*

Jerome: I-I don't just liked you.. as a friend.. I-I like you, like you... *I blushed a lot and kept my eyes glued to the floor.*

Mitch:*looks up at him, blushing* Really?

Jerome: *I didn't look up.* Y-Ya... I know i-it's wrong but...

Mitch: I've liked you too well like like *smiles*

Jerome: *I looked up at him.* R-Really..? *I blushed more and smiled.*

Mitch: Y-Yea *blushes more*

Jerome: *I stood up and walked over to him. I bent close to his face, closing the gap to bring our lips together.*

Mitch:*eyes widen, but closes them and kisses back*

Jerome: *I soon stopped and then picked him up. I carried him to the bed room and set him down on the bed. I smirked and crawled over the top of him.*


Jerome: Do you want to do this? *i whispered*


Jerome: *I kissed him again and began to undo his button, feeling myself get hard already.*

Mitch: *moans though the kiss*

Jerome: *After a while I finally got our clothes off, leaving us both in our boxers. I striped them away. I readied at his entrance and smiled.* You ready?

Mitch:*nods* yes..

Jerome: *I slowly entered him, trying to be easy*

Mitch:*I griped the bed sheets*

Jerome: Are you ok? *I asked after I was fully in him.*

Mitch: Yes but p-please move..

Jerome: *I obeyed and began to thrust in and out of him.*

Mitch:*moans* J-Jerome..

Jerome: *I smiled down at him.* What is it~?

Mitch: F-Faster.. *moans*

Jerome: *I smiled and went faster. I started to moan.*

Mitch: uhh..*I felt myself getting close*

Jerome: *I felt myself coming close as well. I took a few more thrusts and came inside him as he came on our stomachs.*


Jerome: *I panted too as I pulled out and cuddled up next to him.* I-I love you, Mitch..

Mitch: I l-love you too.. *cuddles him*
This is another suprise for my friend, ~StormEnd, ... she hates us now >w< Enjoy anyway my ducklings ^^
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